Top 4 Best Brunch Spots in Houston

Today I wanted to cover some of my favorite brunch spots in Houston. The other day my Aunt asked me for a couple brunch spot options for her birthday when I got the idea to do this blog post. Her question really made me stop and think- what are my favorite brunch spots in town? Houston is known for its amazing food and I wanted to make sure to highlight that. Everyone seems to be obsessed with Brunch these days but in a good way. I’ve rounded up 4 of my favorite brunch spots around town. Some of these places I highlighted when they first opened and some have been around for many years. Old and new, they are the best of Houston. Now, let’s brunch!


1. Café Poêtes
Address: 122 W. Gray Street
Houston, Texas 77019

Café Poetes opened last February and was a great addition to the Midtown/Montrose area. It is a cute little Parisian boutique café. The décor is stunning and feels like you are transported to Paris. They have a beautiful bookshelf wall that will have you feeling as if you’re in a fairy tale. I loved the variety of food they have and was very impressed with my meal. They also have amazing pastries and tasty drinks such as lattes.


2. Emmaline

Address: 3210 W Dallas St, Houston, TX 77019

Emmaline has been open little over a year now and is slowly becoming a favorite in town. I loved how they decorated the spot and each room is a little different- make sure to check out the upstairs patio while you’re there. The food is amazing and is a fun twist on some classic American cuisine.


3. The Kitchen at the Dunlavy
Address: 3422 Allen Parkway,
Houston, TX 77019 

The Dunlavy is a Houston brunch classic. They have an amazing menu with an even better space. This is one of my favorite brunch spots because of the atmosphere- it is an all glass room tons of trees surrounding the building with gorgeous chandeliers. The food is so tasty and I always enjoy my meal. Be careful on the weekends with the crowd because it is first come first serve and I have seen the line out the door.


4. Tiny Boxwoods
Address: 3614 W Alabama Street,
Houston, TX 77027 

Tiny Boxwoods is a Houston classic and one of my favorite places for brunch! They have amazing food and a great relaxing scenery. If you have never had Tiny’s cookies you absolutely have to try them when you go. There is always a huge line for Brunch so I would keep that in mind and maybe go earlier to beat the crowds.


 I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite Brunch spots in Houston. Let me know if you have been to any of these and if you enjoyed it. I’d also like to know if I missed any of your favorite spots. There are so many other Brunch spots I can’t wait to try out!